About Us

Matea Saule’s passion for the importance of mental health and stress management gave birth to Three Golden Circles. TGC was founded on the premise that we should all have the opportunity to develop tools to be able to deal with modern day stressors in an empowered way. Where you take back your power and create a sense of calm in your life. 

“I believe meditation is not just for people who are spiritually inclined nor is it about sitting cross-legged trying not to think.” - Matea. 

Modern day life has created conditions where prolonged stress is very prevalent in our lives. The stress response has evolved from our ancestors dealing with stress in a single short-term crisis i.e. Being attacked by an animal in the wild (fight-or-flight) to now being chronic or prolonged due to our lifestyles. Our ancestors typically only experienced prolonged stress due to war or famine. Where our modern lives produce a constant high level of stress or at least if it is not constantly present, we often create it through the perception of a sense of urgency or through a different myriad of non-constructive beliefs. Chronic stress can lead to serious health problems, physically and mentally. 

“I believe mindfulness can help to empower us to be able to manoeuvre through the modern day stressors with greater success. My meditations take into account everyday life as it is today. Where most of us are busy and looking for better ways and tools to be able to manage our lives. ” - Matea. 



Having worked as a Human Resources practitioner across a number of industries, I have experience and an intimate understanding of the effects of stress and burn-out in the workplace on the individual at work and beyond. Coupled with a decade long personal journey of the exploration of alternative healing modalities like nutrition, yoga and mindfulness, I wanted to create a platform where I could share the insights which have helped me on my journey. 

I am passionate about mental wellbeing. My intention is to empower people globally to develop skills, tools and healthy coping mechanisms in response to the pressures life can put upon us. As well as create more space in the day to relax and unwind. through a secular, contemporary and relatable approach to meditation.

I hold a Bachelor of Business from Monash University Melbourne majoring in Human Resources (Organisational Development) and Management. I am a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher with an accreditation from The Melbourne Meditation Centre and the Melbourne School of Philosophy taught by highly regarded mindfulness expert, Associate Professor Dr. Craig Hassed. I am also accredited in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the Australian Mindfulness Institute.    

Many people so far have enjoyed and resonated with my voice as their meditation guide - “Gentle soothing music and gentle soothing guidance too, I’m feeling so calm” - Neet. So I hope you enjoy the audios too. 

I look forward to practicing with you & being a part of your daily routine.

Matea :)