More than ever we need to develop healthy coping mechanisms

You don't need to be good at meditation, achieve anything or look for any particular result per se. As with any skill, only practise leads to improvement - and improvement isn't even the point. the only point is the practise . - Dr. Gabor Mate Author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, Close Encounters with Addiction.


WEEKLY MEDITATION SUBSCRIPTION - 3 themed guided meditation audios delivered straight to your inbox weekly for ONLY $2.75 per week with a FREE 2 week trial. Mediation themes are curated with the intention to assist you to develop healthy tools and ways to self soothe in response to the many pressures life can bring upon us including stress, anxiety, depression & lack of sleep.

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Three Golden Circles was born out of my passion for mental wellbeing. Post the year 2020 with the destruction the global pandemic has bought, a focus on mental health could not be more crucial for everyone. The World Health Organisation recently stated that by 2030, mental health issues will form the biggest burden on health care resources including heart conditions and cancer.

My intention is to empower people globally, to equip them with the tools to manage & respond to life stressors in a healthier way through meditation.  

The meditations I record are intended to give you the space to go on a journey of self-discovery, time out for rest, healing, indulgence, creativity, exploration and reflection using my voice as a guide along with gentle background music. My intention is to provide you with a non destructive mechanism for self soothing.


Since the 2020 lockdown period I was mentally tense around the clock. I started practising meditation with the recording "Relaxation and Rejuvenation", from Matea at Three Golden Circles where a new yet familiar voice greeted me, guiding me to be calmer and informing me why I should do deep breathing exercises. After a week of listening to the same recording nightly, I realised I've rarely made it past the breathing exercises before falling asleep.

After about a month I still turned to this same recording to fall asleep however I found I was relying on it less and less. I was in a much happier state of mind, and felt just a bit of focused meditation helped me step into the new normality easier.

Three months has passed since I first came across Three Golden Circles, it's hard to imagine where my mind would be without giving meditation a try. As any good doctor would say, building immunity and preventing illness is the best way to a healthy life.

Mental health is as important, and perhaps more so in some cases, than physical health. There's only one source I'd turn to and refer my friends to for another voice to help with one's mental health and that's Matea at Three Golden Circles, as she has guided me from a skeptic of meditation, to a firm believer.



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